About the Academic Policies and Procedures Committee (APPC)

Charge: This committee creates a forum for the faculty to work in collaboration with academic administration to develop a comprehensive set of academic policies and procedures. This charge outlines the goals of the committee and its membership.

Goals: The enduring concern of the Academic Policies and Procedures Committee is ensuring the quality of the learning experience and the integrity of the USAO degree, and advancing an institutional perspective and practice in all areas of academic affairs.

The initial goals for the committee will be to:

  • collect and centralize all current academic policies and procedures.
  • establish a common format for the articulation of policies and procedures.
  • develop an effective communication system for engagement with draft policies and procedures by faculty, academic administration, student, and staff in other divisions.
  • develop a systematic approval process reflecting the shared governance of academic policy and procedure.
  • develop an effective notification system for the communication of finalized policies and procedures to the same groups.
  • draft and bring forward for discussion and approval policies and procedures required to meet the requirements of the higher learning commission, state statute and policy, and federal statue and policy.

Membership: The committee shall consist of the following eight members serving two year terms:

  • VPAA – Krista Maxson
  • Registrar – Chelsea Phillips
  • One Division Chair – Steve Weber2
  • One representative from each Division
    • Yunjae Hwang – Education and Speech Language Pathology
    • Lee Hester – Social Science and Business2
    • Can-Yu-King Roch – Science and Physical Education
    • Kate Sekula – Arts and Humanities1 2

1. Chair serves a two-year term.
2. The term for these faculty will conclude at the end of the 2017/2018 academic year to create staggered terms.

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