Emergency Withdrawal

30 Jun 2016 15:43

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The following procedure applies to students who are unable to continue classes for extraordinary medical or other personal circumstances, such as serious illness or injury, personal physical or mental health (for example: care of a seriously ill child or spouse, or a death of a close person in the student’s life). Required/accepted documentation for medical or mental health reasons requires specific documentation from a health care provider. Depending on the situation, other required/acceptable documentation may include police reports, legal documents such as restraining orders, airline ticket receipts, newspaper articles, obituaries, copy of a death certificate, etc.

Students seeking to withdraw due to medical or mental health reasons must withdraw from all registered courses. There are rare occasions when it is appropriate for students to receive an Emergency Withdrawal for one or two courses (ex. a physical injury that prevents the individual from participating in a course that requires physical activity.) Such exceptions will be considered on an individual basis.

Once a student submits all appropriate documentation for an emergency withdrawal, a decision will be made by the Emergency Withdrawal Committee within five working days and the student will be notified through their USAO student email address. In order for an Emergency Withdrawal Request to be considered for a given semester, all required documents must be completed in full, signed and submitted at any time prior to the start of final exams.

The Emergency Withdrawal Committee determines the appropriateness of an Emergency Withdrawal request and based on the documentation provided either approves or denies the request. All approved requests will result in the assignment of “W” grades for each course on the student’s academic transcript. Please note that “W” grades will not be assigned if this request process is not completed prior to the start of final examinations. In such cases, final grades will be assigned by the instructor(s). The committee also determines if an administrative hold is appropriate. If appropriate, the student will be blocked from all future registration at USAO until the hold is removed. The removal of the emergency administrative hold is usually only processed after the student/healthcare provider supplies documentation by completing the Request for Re-Entry Form. The Re-Entry form explains the student is well enough to return to the university, accompanied by a personal letter written by the student stating why they feel they will be able to successfully return. Emergency Withdrawal applications and supporting documents are retained by the Director of Counseling for at least five years and filed separately from the student’s other records.

Student Procedure for Emergency Withdrawal To request an Emergency Withdrawal, students must pick up a packet from Student Services (Student Center, Room 303) or the Registrar’s Office (Troutt Hall, Room 204) and complete the Emergency Withdrawal Checklist in its entirety. The student will then visit the Registrar’s Office to consult on how an Emergency Withdrawal will affect them academically, especially if they are an international student, student athlete, veteran, or are using veteran education benefits.

Students will be required to consult with someone from the Financial Aid Office to identify and understand the financial assistance/monetary implications of processing this withdrawal, including financial aid, grants, loans, scholarships and more.

It is important to note that the U.S. Department of Education does not differentiate between an Emergency Withdrawal and a regular course withdrawal. If a student who has received federal financial aid withdraws from courses (for health reasons or not) before completing 60% of the semester, the U.S. Department of Education requires the college Financial Aid Office to re-calculate the student’s award based on the student’s last date of attendance, to determine what amount of financial aid must be returned to the Federal Government. Under these circumstances, the student will be required to return funds for which they are no longer eligible by the government’s regulations.

Students must also go by the Business Office to ensure their address after withdrawal is correct and to receive a printout of amount still owed. Tuition refunds will be distributed as stated in the college refund policy. If the student’s account is paid in full, tuition credit (for the up-coming semester) may be considered. Students remain fully responsible for college fees, any outstanding fines and repayment of financial aid as mandated by the Federal Government. Housing and meal plans will be prorated upon withdrawal.

Next, students will submit the Request for Documented Emergency Withdrawal form and Request for Emergency Withdrawal – Health Care Provider Form along with a personal letter detailing why the student is requesting an emergency withdrawal, along with any other appropriate documentation to the Director of Counseling Office. If a student is unable to complete this process in person, arrangements can be made by contacting the Director of Counseling.

If a student is living on campus they must meet with the Resident Director to discuss proper checkout. If the Emergency Withdraw is approved they will be required to checkout within 48 hours of notification. If more time is needed, prior arrangements must be made through the Dean of Students.

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