Sabbatical Leave

06 Jul 2016 20:46

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Sabbatical Leave

(revised September 9, 2014)

A sabbatical leave provides opportunity for professional growth and intellectual achievement
through study, research, writing, and travel. A sabbatical leave will normally involve
specialized scholarly activity. However, it may serve to broaden cultural perspectives if
undertaken in a systematic manner and based on a plan with objectives and expected
outcomes and clearly related to professional development in one's academic discipline or
defined realm of responsibility within the University.

After six years of service to USAO, full-time faculty members are eligible to apply for
sabbatical leave to pursue research and professional development. Compensation during the
sabbatical period is 50% of the contract salary for fall and spring trimesters. A faculty
member may apply for a sabbatical for both trimesters. In addition, a faculty member may
apply for a sabbatical for only either the fall or the spring trimester. In the case of a single
trimester of sabbatical leave, compensation will be paid at the rate of 75% of the contract
salary for both the fall and spring trimesters allowing a constant level of income for the
contract year.

Requests for leave must be submitted for division review and recommendation by October 1
of the year before the academic year for which the sabbatical is requested. The request shall
state the purpose of the sabbatical, its inclusive dates, the anticipated results, and its
expected contribution to the University.

After recommending approval or disapproval, the Division Chair will submit the application to
the Vice President for Academic Affairs by October 15, who shall refer it with
recommendation to the President by November 1. If the President approves the request, the
application will be presented to the Board of Regents at the November meeting. The
President will formally notify the faculty member of the decision no later than December 1.
Sabbatical leave approved by the Regents will be subject to the availability of funds.
Sabbatical leave with compensation will be granted only during the academic contract year.

Faculty members receiving leave shall secure a bond for sabbatical leave and enter into a
written agreement to return to the University and remain in its service for a period twice as
long as the time for which sabbatical leave is granted, or to repay the University the amount
of salary received while on sabbatical leave. If the faculty member returns to the University
for only a part of the time required, the amount to be paid the University shall be
proportionally reduced.

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