Faculty Responsibilities and Ethics

12 Jul 2016 18:23

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What the faculty does or fails to do is crucial to the reputation and success of the University
of Science and Arts of Oklahoma. Teaching excellence shall be the first priority for all faculty. Performance as a faculty member, however, requires more than excellence in teaching.

Individual faculty members have individual strengths and interests. The following performance and ethical criteria will be considered in decisions relating to employment,
compensation, tenure, and/or promotion.

A. Cover the content of courses as described in the University Catalogue with highly
effective teaching performance.

B. Soundly evaluate student performance. Evaluative techniques or procedures should be
used sufficiently often that no student can complain of unjust evaluation.

C. Keep abreast of developments in teaching fields and in the community, state, nation, and world so that instruction is current and integrated with life outside the classroom by relevant applications. Develop or assist in the development of new courses of instruction.

D. Continue scholarly development through research and a variety of means of presentation.

E. Promote the assigned mission of the college and assist with recruitment of students. Promote departmental and division goals in cooperation with Division Chairs.

F. Cultivate a sympathetic interest in the scholastic welfare of students and encourage student scholarship and achievement.

G. Maintain a schedule of office hours for student conferences, which is to be posted and filed with the Vice President for Academic Affairs.

H. Be available as necessary five days a week during business hours to fulfill teaching, advising, and service responsibilities.

I. Advise students effectively in their progress toward fulfilling requirements for graduation from USAO.

J. Work through organizational lines, with the Division Chairs, the Vice President for Academic Affairs, and the University President in planning, coordinating, and carrying out the entire University program.

K. Display a responsible level of collegiality that recognizes diverse academic opinion, respects colleagues, and supports an environment conducive to furthering the University's unique function.

L. Recommend materials for purchase by the library and assist in the selection of texts.

M. Maintain accurate student records.

N. As fully as possible, attend faculty meetings, all convocations, all commencement exercises, fulfill committee assignments, and participate in University-wide functions.

O. Be familiar with the philosophy, policies, regulations, procedures, and announcements of the University as set forth in the University Calendar, the University Catalogue and the Faculty Handbook.

P. Submit reports and evaluations in a timely manner.

Q. Perform such duties as may be assigned, recognizing that it is the desire of the University to equalize co-curricular assignments including service on committees.

R. Cultivate a personal interest in the community served by the University and participate in community activities.

S. Assist the President and Vice President for Academic Affairs in such other ways as requested.

T. Encourage the free pursuit of learning by students.

U. Demonstrate concern for the student as an individual, respecting the confidential nature of the relationship between teacher and student and avoiding any exploitation of students for private advantage.

V. Abstain from exercising any influence on evaluation of student performance for any student with whom the faculty member has anything other than a professional relationship.

W. Maintain the prerogative to seek revision within the institution; nevertheless, one must use established administrative channels within the institution before seeking outside aid.

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