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12 Jul 2016 18:28

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Employment by the University must be regarded as a full-time profession which demands the full interests and energies of the personnel employed. Thus, the institution is committed to the policy that all members of the teaching staff are on duty or are available for duty at all times during regular University workdays and periods of special activities: in the classroom, in the library, in their offices, in committee meetings, or involved in other University-related activities.

A. Faculty members may accept outside remunerative employment only with the explicit approval of the President of the University.

B. Outside employment includes, but is not limited to:

  1. Professional work of a continuing nature such as research, supervising, consulting, or advisory services, or other regular continuing employment for which compensation, regular or occasional, is received.
  2. Specific work of usually limited duration, for which compensation is received.

C. Remuneration for services performed in any period during which the employee is not directly employed by the University is permitted. Lectures, speeches, or literary articles for which honoraria are received are not considered outside remunerative employment.

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