IDS Program Outcomes/Goals

07 Nov 2016 15:12

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Members of the IDS committee (Jennifer Long, James Welch, Zach Simpson and Jeanne Mather) and Krista Maxson met to review the responses from faculty, students and alumni along with an updated draft of IDS outcomes/goals from Brenda Brown. The following draft list of goals for the IDS program is provided for your review and discussion to be voted on at your next faculty association meeting to endorse them and move them forward to the next level of vetting. Please note that measurable learning outcomes will be developed for each course to provide evidence of the program meeting these goals.

IDS Program Goals
The student will be able to:

  1. Produce creative and independent work.
  2. Think critically, evaluate and synthesize diverse information.
  3. Communicate effectively and persuasively through listening, speaking and writing.
  4. Analyze the political, cultural and philosophical nuances of global issues and understand the various civilizations that contribute to them.
  5. Act as a global citizen who demonstrates empathy and integrity.

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