PROPOSED Elective Internship Policy

30 Mar 2017 15:08

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Draft 3 – March 29, 2017


Scope of Policy

Student Eligibility

Students must be in good academic standing to apply for an elective internship. A cumulative grade point average of at least 2.7 is preferred, but the final decision about participation rests with the individual academic department. Required internships must meet program guidelines.

Typically, students who participate in an internship have junior or senior status; however, certain departments will make exceptions to this rule in individual cases.

Academic Credit

A maximum of 12 trimester hours of internship credit may be counted toward degree requirements at USAO.

At least thirty (30) hours of work or work-related activities are required for credit hour. For example, if a student registers for a 3-credit-hour internship, he or she will spend at least 90 hours over the course of the trimester completing the internship (or six hours per week)
Students are able to receive academic credit for internships completed during any trimester.

Advisors should caution students against enrolling in a very full course load plus an internship.

Financial Considerations

Students participating in the USAO internship program will be charged tuition for the number of credit hours associated with the internship. If students are eligible for financial aid, their aid will be applied to internship hours as well as hours attempted in traditional courses.

Any extra travel or work-related expenses are the student’s responsibility. Some student interns may be paid a salary or stipend by their host organization; other internships are unpaid.


No later than one trimester preceding the intended internship, the:

  • student will select a faculty advisor for internship.
  • student will complete the “Request for Internship” form.
  • faculty advisor will create learning outcomes for internship.
  • faculty advisor will create at least one type of assessment tool to be used for mid-term and final grades.
  • Division Chair will approve or not approve the internship.
  • Vice-President for Academic Affairs will approve or not approve the internship.

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