Special Topics vs. Workshops

01 Feb 2019 16:31

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Special Topics vs. Workshops

Please review and offer comment on the following characteristics of special topics courses and workshops.

Characteristics of a Special Topics Course

  1. Textbook or discussion-based
  2. Meets at a standard, regularly-recurring class time
  3. Content deals with emerging issues, special interests, or experimental topics that are not regularly offered
  4. Not part of the degree requirement; therefore it may only be used as elective credit
  5. Covers content not represented in the main program curriculum
  6. May not be used as a course substitution
  7. Should contain the same amount of work per credit hour as a standard course
  8. Graded A-F

Characteristics of Workshops

  1. Faculty-guided instruction
  2. Merriam-Webster definition of workshop: “brief, intense educational program for a small group that focuses on techniques or skills in a particular field”
  3. Experiential learning/hands-on
  4. Practical application
  5. Not at a standard class-time
  6. Could be either graded A-F or P/NP

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