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Philosophy and Religious Studies Curriculum Changes Spring 2021

Environmental Science Curriculum Changes Fall 2020

Biology Curriculum Changes Fall 2020

Proposed changes to Annual Report Template

English Secondary Education Curriculum Changes

English Curriculum - Young Adult Literature Revised

Speech-Language Pathology Changes to Existing Courses Spring 2020

Study Away Policy and Procedures Spring 2020

World Thought Curriculum Changes Fall 2019

Proposed Language for Criteria for Special Promotion

Proposed Language for Standing Faculty Association Committee Descriptions

Proposed Language for Amendments to Promotion and Tenure Processes

Proposed Language for Professor Emeritus Description


English Certification Change to the Existing Program

English new course addition - Young Adult Literature

Arts and Humanities Changes to pre- and co-requisites

English Bachelor of Arts - Writing emphasis curriculum changes Fall 2019

Professional Writing minor curriculum changes Fall 2019

Math Changes to Existing Courses Fall 2019

Art Program BFA Curriculum Changes

Education Curriculum Changes Fall 2019

Changes in Science and Math Pre- and Co-requisites

Art Curriculum Changes

Termination, Reduction in Force, and Abrogation Policy Draft

APP Development Guide

Proposal for First-Year Experience Course

IDS Goals and Recommendations

Proposal for Sabbatical Leave Timeline

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Existing Policies

Abrogation of tenure or termination of current employment (policy) (procedure)

Academic Dishonesty Policy

Academic freedom and responsibility

Academic rank and promotion

Academic tenure (policy) (procedures)

Curriculum Changes

Course substitution / Waiver

Elective Internship Policy

Emergency withdrawal

Faculty evaluation

Faculty financial exigency Policy

Faculty responsibility and ethics

Faculty selection

Lecture Capture Policy

Leave without pay

Outside employment

Personal leave

Sabbatical leave


Sick leave

Post-tenure review

Post-tenure review appeal procedure

Social Media Policy

Special topics courses

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